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Welcome to eHorseTrainer.com, the world’s leading resource for everything to do with training, maintaining and showing horses. We know you want to learn from the world’s best horse trainers so we’ve brought them all together at the one site. At eHorseTrainer.com our goal is to help you train and show your horses to the best of your ability.

Look. Listen. Learn.
Everyone learns in different ways so at eHorseTrainer.com our articles combine the written word, the spoken word and visuals to help you learn in the way that suits you best. Using text articles, video articles and photo galleries, you’ll easily learn the concepts that have kept you out of the winner’s circle.

Look... at videos of the top trainers working their horses.

Listen...  as the top trainers tell you why and how they do what they do.

Learn... from the top trainers as they give feedback and lessons to non pros.

eHorseTrainer.com revolves around one, simple question: Why?  

Why do trainers this instead of that? Why do they like one piece of tack over another? Why do some non pros win while other ones don’t? Why do you feed this to a horse but not that?Why? Why? Why?

When you ask the question ‘why’ and then you ask it again and again, you get the best answers. eHorseTrainer.com come asks the question ‘why’ over and over and over to produce the best articles on horse training, showing and care.

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